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About Ally & Co

Ally & Co was founded in 2014 and began its very own quest in the world of digital. Bringing collections ranging from over 1000 products. Ally & Co distributed directly to retailers to sell on our behalf. Ally & Co established relationships with big online stores to stock & ship there products. 
Beginning of 2017 and it was time for a change, something bigger was brewing, Ally & Co established itself in the market and decided to open it up its online store to the PUBLIC! Yes you! Have the chance to shop our products at the same prices those retailers were buying at. 
Shop all products now live on on our very own online store. 
Welcome to Ally & Co - UnBox Greatness! 

Want to join our team? Are you the next big digital guru? we want you! 

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Who Shops Ally and Co?

We are obsessive about understanding our customers so we can offer them what they want and make them return to us time & time again.   

We also cater to the corporate gifts market with in house branding all across South Africa - we manage to brand anywhere between quantities of 10 ranging to 20 thousand. 

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